I am an adventurous & versatile photographer photographing energy in people & places around the world. 

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international travel photographer, energy capturer, travel blogger


◇ My first name is Saige and I have 2 middle names ~ Ashton is the first of the 2.
◇ I am drawn to creating and capturing energy of all kinds. I want you to feel the energy in every photo I take.
◇ I make traveling a top priority and it's the reason I relocated to London... 44 countries & counting. 


◇ Weak cup of coffee = a weak day.

◇ I'm the oldest of 3 girls & my sisters are my muses. You'll catch them all over my site.

◇ Thank you for visiting. I'd welcome the chance to work with you.



SAIGE ASH STUDIO ▽ Lifestyle, Travel & Intimate Wedding Photographer

| London, UK based | Available worldwide.

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